Coming from the airport

Cabify. Download the app and order a car with different prices.
Taxi. You should find the taxi stop right in the airport exit.
Autobús EA (Especial Aeropuerto). Is the only line between the airport and the city center. It
takes 35 minutes aprox. You should wait for it between 25 or 30 minutes. It works during
the whole year from 5:00 am until 01:15 am. We recommend you to get off the bus in Plaza
de Armas’s stop, which is just 450 metres from the house, 5 minutes on foot.



To be transported around the city

By far the best way to get around Seville is on foot, but if you need to travel faster you can use:

Bus. (Tussam). Is always a good choice if you avoid its use during rush hours. The price is
1.20€. You can buy the ticket on the bus..

Tram. This line connects Plaza Nueva with San Bernardo Station. The tram also stops in
Puerta Jerez, Archivo de Indias and Prado de San Sebastián. The price is 1,40€, and you
can buy it in the tram stop right before you get onto the tram.
For both bus and tram we recommend to buy the Tourist Card (Tarjeta Turística), which you
can obtain in an Information Point of Tussam. With this card you can travel as many times
during the period that you choose. The one day card is 4,50€, and the 3 days card is 8,50€.

Bike. Seville is one of the best cities to ride a bike. The city has more than 77km of cycle
lane and is the best choice to see the monuments and historic places, even better in spring
and autumn. You can find the SEVici service, where you can rent a bike for 7 days paying
just 5€ and use it without limits. To acquire this service you should register yourserlf (by
credic card) in any SEVici station that you can find aorund the city.